Northern Exposures


Booklist, Starred Review: In an explorer's career retrospective, readers will meet rogue bears, whales, ice fields, never climbed mountains and mosquitoes in fearsome density in a wilderness so pristine and untrammeled its almost unbelievable. The book is comprised of twenty-three stories taken from previously published works by Waterman who has been documenting his explorations for 30 years. The expeditions are brought to life with powerful prose and the author's gift for description, accompanied by loads of photographs that document not only the breathtaking scenery but the excitement of Waterman's particular travels. He evokes the solitude north of the 60th parallel: "I haven't spoken aloud in days. I wonder whether I will lose the ability to talk." He recalls dangerous mountain rescues in helicopters and the many cries for help that were unnecessary: "We…were forced to climb up to 18,000 feet above the incoming storm." There's an avalanche worth of drama—literally: "We began running just as the roaring noise reached us…& We're going to be okay,' I lied." The environmental exposes, such as the proliferation of multi-story cruise ships in Glacier Bay, add yet another layer of meaning to this gorgeous and environmentally astute book. (over 100 Color images) 

“Waterman's profound respect for the northern lands burns on every page, and his photos and essays prove to us that there is still beauty in this world—beauty worth fighting for.”

—Robert Redford