Atlas of the National Parks


With more than 200 maps - both historical and contemporary - informative graphics and inspiring images, Atlas of the National Parks, by Jon Waterman (National Geographic; ISBN: 978-1-4262-2057-9; US $65/CAN $86; 432 pages), showcases the entirety of America's spectacular park system for the very first time

This seven-pound, best-selling tome tells the unique stories of America's 61 beloved national parks and takes readers on an epic journey through the extraordinary and unique features that distinguish each. Organized by region, each insightful chapter provides aspiring travelers with an up-close look at what makes each park special via striking imagery and state-of-the-art graphics reflecting its magnificent landmarks, representative wildlife, climate, culture, geology, archaeology, recreational offerings and more. Each park entry includes at least one brand-new map, created by National Geographic in collaboration with the National Park Service.

Starred Review from Library Journal:

Following coverage of the U.S. parks system as a whole, this gorgeous guide from former ranger Waterman explores all 61 national parks, 33 of them in depth. Sites in the latter group were chosen for this detailed examination because of their scenery or features so extraordinary as to be of national importance, the same criterion, the book notes, used to establish the parks. Visitors to these wonders, as well as browsers and students in middle school and up doing assignments, will find a wealth of information on the natural history of the destinations; the flora, fauna, and geological features to be found there now; and numerous other details, from social history to vital statistics, such as location, size, and highest point. The work offers plenty of well-researched and effectively written textual material, as well as numerous crisply detailed photos, maps, and illustrations per spread, in color and black-and-white as appropriate.VERDICT The quality of this tome and its emphasis on current features make it worth a purchase even where libraries own National Geographic the National Parks: An Illustrated History.
Henrietta Verma, Credo Reference, New York


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About the Author

Jon is the author of 14 books, including several award-winning titles. Over the last 40 years of his unique writing career, he has specialized in first-person immersion during arduous adventures; environmental reportage on subjects ranging from Arctic oil development to the Colorado River; and scores of in depth profiles. He has worked as an editor, a filmmaker, and a photographer.  Chasing Denali  (Nov 2018) details a return to the mountain (to investigate the century-old mystery of the Sourdough climb) in 2016, volunteering for a National Park Service Patrol, where he worked as a ranger and guide in the 1980s. Chasing Denali  is his fourth book on this venerable mountain, following his 1993 classic In the Shadow of Denali.

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