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  • Where Mountains are Nameless


    Passion and Politics in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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    "Jon Waterman is a great and necessary nature writer, who gives us access to a wilderness that should be treasured, not exploited. Where Mountains Are Nameless is written with the spirit of Rachel Carson and Edward Abbey."
    -Pat Conroy

    "Wolves, musk oxen, polar bears, caribou, mosquitoes, warble flies, solo kayaking, the Muries, nasty petroleum; Jonathan Waterman weaves it all together into a wonderful tundra tapestry."
    -Yvon Chouinard owner, Patagonia Inc.


  • Arctic Crossing


    A Journey Through the Northwest Passage and Inuit Culture

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    “Raconteurs and adventurers are rarely blessed with a talent for communicating their fears. Their endeavors require so much will and self-confidence that their stories often sound more mythical than human. Not Jonathan Waterman's.”
    -L.A. Times

    “This gifted writer beautifully describes the natural wonder of the countryside and the animals. Highly recommended for public libraries.“
    -Library Journal

    “Arctic Crossing is a step above many of the adventure books currently on the market…its lasting value will be in its snapshot of the struggles faced by the Inuit culture in the midst of painful transition.”
    -Quill and Quire

  • Kayaking The Vermilion Sea


    Eight Hundred Miles Down the Baja

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    “A deft mix of adventure, history, and lyrical reflection."

    “A rich book, one whose gifts will linger long after its reading.”
    -The Washington Post

    “This is a marvelous book. The writing is strong, often poetic.”
    -Minneapolis Star Tribune


  • In the Shadow of Denali


    Life and Death on Alaska's Mt. McKinley

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    “A fine writer with a profound appreciation of what towering mountains are.”
    -James Michener

    "A magnificent book, beautifully written, a superb delineation, in the broadest sense, of one person's relationship to landscape.”
    -Ann Zwinger

    “Strong, mature work by a gifted writer.”


  • A Most Hostile Mountain

    Re-Creating the Duke of Abruzzi's Historic Expedition on Mount St. Elias

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    “Jonathan Waterman grandly succeeds at returning mountaineering to its traditional roots." -Galen Rowell


  • Cloud Dancers


    Portraits of North American Mountaineers

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    “Finely written pieces…. where else can you read of two separate people who met their spouses at the Yak and Yeti bar?”
    -American Alpine Journal

  • The Quotable Climber


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    By far my favorite writer (surpassed Krakauer a long time ago) of the mountaineering genre.
    -G. Wiot

    “This spirited, whimsical, and masterful juxtaposition of wit and opinion reads like a novel.”


  • Surviving Denali


    A Study of Accidents on Mount McKinley 1910-1982

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    "Is the accident report the highest form of mountaineering literature? Surely not; yet of four recent books on Denali, Jonathan Waterman's Surviving Denali is by far the most engrossing."
    -Summit Magazine

    "This little book needs to be read, and its text memorized by any climber attempting the mountain."
    -Bradford Washburn


  • High Alaska


    A Historical Guide to Denali Mount Foraker and Mount Hunter

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    “More than just a history, this is a celebration of climbing."-Mountain Magazine